Do You Stress About Commercial Property Theft And Trespassing? What To Know

2 March 2016
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Is there a problem with people driving around your commercial property after hours and you worry they are targeting your business or scoping things out? It may be time to make some security improvements to make sure that this isn't a problem that continues, and so it isn't easy to access your property.

If you have a basic security system this may not be enough to help you prevent theft and intrusion. Here are a few things you want to consider adding to your commercial property to improve safety both during the day and at night when you're gone.

A Camera Monitoring System

An IP camera system that allows you to monitor what is going on from anywhere allows you to take notice of suspicious activity if you are checking in, and the cameras will catch suspicious activity and record. Getting motion censored cameras is great because they will turn on when there are people or vehicles around the exterior of the building, and you have those recordings as evidence if you have to go to the police.

Security Gate

A security gate that goes across the drive so no one can get inside the parking lot or around the building after you are gone for the day is best. If you want, you can have this closed during the day, and make the staff used an identification badge they scan, or a code to punch in to get past it. If not, just close it when you leave so people can't get back there, and put a no trespassing warning on the fence. This way no one is entitled to sneak past without knowing they will be prosecuted for trespassing.

Personal Security

You don't need to have around the clock security but getting a service that checks on your property at least times a night will show people that you don't leave the building unwatched. The company will do a walk around to check for any intrusions or specific activity, and they will monitor the grounds a little bit.

If you know that the security is a concern in the area where you guys do business and your commercial property could be a target for thieves in the area, these different security measures are going to help you keep the building safe. Talk to a security company, like Sentech Controls CCTV, for more information on the security options available.